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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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Winkhaus Upvc Split Spindle Pack Door Handle and Door Lock for Key Only Entry

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£6.92 - £6.92
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Winkhaus split spindle pack suits upvc door handles and locks Key only entry. The Winkhaus split spinle pack allows a door lock system fitted with an in built split spindle mechanism to be operated as normal from inside the property. However from the outside the door lock will not allow the latch to be operated via the handle. To move the latch in you must be a key holder and when the key is twisted it will move the latch in allowing the door to be opened. This operation is particularly useful if you want to simply close the door behind you and be in another part of the house as you will be aware that the door can only be normally opened by someone whom has been given a key. Makes the door lock a key only entry system from outside when fitted to the relevant lock system. This split spindle pack will fit most types of upvc door systems with an equally split spindle mechanism to both sides of the gearbox. Comes with: Split spindles (1 x external 1x internal) 2 springs Fitting tip: Spindles can be easily trimmed to length to suiit the specific thickness of your door system or even a little packer put into the end of the handle to lengthen them. How to know if your lock is a split spindle type: Remove your door handle by removing the handle screws from the inside of the door and have a look at the mechanism where the spindle passes through. Take a good look into the centre of the existing spindle hole, you are looking for a split in the centre (the spindle square hole will look like it is in 2 parts. This split allows the inside and outside part of the spindle to move independently. If this is the case you will need a split spindle pack. When fitting the spindle you may find that it works in the reverse of the operation required. I: E the latch operates from the outside but not from the inside. If this is the case you will need to make an adjustment o