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Vent-a-matic Static Ventilator with Stormguard 159mm PBS/DGS

by Simon

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  • Continuous thru-air vent. Also known as a 'gas vent'.
  • Meets all modern gas regulations and is designed for use where continuous ventilation is mandatory.
  • Supplied complete with a stormguard.
  • For use with double glazed units.
  • Aperture in glass is 159mm diameter. Overall glass thickness 12-32mm.

This RW Simon Vent-A-Matic static ventilator meets Gas Board recommendations to provide a continuous ventilation solution for rooms with open fires, word burners, boilers and central heating where an ample supply of fresh air is essential to fuel the combustion process efficiently and eliminate the build-up of harmful gases.


  • Achieves continuous ventilation in line with Gas Board guidelines BS 5440-2:2000
  • Circular outer louvre design
  • Fits double glazed units 12-32mm thick
  • Designed for use on hermetically sealed units so MUST be fitted by the glazing manufacturer unless it’s been bought as a replacement unit
  • Comes with integral storm guard as standard to reduce drafts
  • Fits a 159mm diameter sized hole
  • Achieves airflow performance 9,896mm² EA
  • Just two parts to assemble for a fast, simple fit into the glass hole
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised translucent polysterene to resist yellowing
  • The unit is secured with a central brass bolt on the inside which can’t be removed from the outside
  • Produced under ISO 9001 quality systems

Dimensions: (see line drawing)

  • Dim A -  5.5mm
  • Dim B -  36mm
  • Dim C -  200mm
  • Dim D -  215mm
  • Hole Dim -  159mm

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