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Soudal Tectane White Grease Lititum PTFE-based Grease Specialist-Water and Hear Resistant White Grease Spray, No Drip, Reduces Friction and Wear on Metal and Metal Applications 400 ml

by Soudal

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Soudal white grease is a lithium soap and PTFE-based penetrating lubricant. Spray onto low-speed moving mechanical parts such as roller bearings, axles, cogwheels, conveyor belts and rubber gasket profiles etc to deliver heavy-duty lubrication. The silicone-free formulation goes on like an oil, then sets like a grease to create a waterproof, corrosion-resistant protective layer that helps to reduce friction and wear.

 Key features:
High-grade PTFE-based lubricant
Water-repellent and corrosion-resistant
Lubricates and protects moving parts
Contains VOCs - use in well-ventilated areas
400ml aerosol can be used at any angle

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