Soudal Swipex Hand Cleaner Extra Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Pump 1L - Remove Grease Sealant Adhesive & PU Foam

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  • Soudal SWIPEX Hand Cleaner

    Soudal SWIPEX Hand Cleaner is a Heavy Duty Cleaner used to remove all kinds of dirt from your hands. The 'granular' texture in this product helps to scrub dirt away.

    Soudal SWIPEX Hand Cleaner can be used to remove adhesives, silicone and PU Foam.

    Soudal SWIPEX Hand Cleaner contains Sericin with moisturiser that helps protect the skin on your hands and keeps the skin soft.

    Product Benefits:

    Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

    Granular Texture to help remove dirt quickly

    Fast Acting

    Contains Skin Caring Products (Sericin) which Moisturises Hands

    Works on Adhesives, PU Foams, Silicones, Paints and Oils.

    Application Method:

    SWIPEX Hand Cleaner should only be used to clean your hands.

    Put the needed quantity of product on the hands, rub till the complete emulsion of the dirt and rinse carefully.

    Note: In order to best exploit the potential of the product it is recommended NOT to wet the hands neither before applying the hand cleaner nor during the rubbing.