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Roto Elite Latch Deadbolt 2 Hooks 2 Rollers Double Spindle 92PZ 62PZ Multipoint Door Lock

by Elite
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This Elite Standard multipoint door lock features 2 Rollers, 2 Hooks, 1 Deadbolt & 1 Latch.

This Elite multipoint lock is a direct replacement for some of the old Roto locks.

Elite multipoint door locks cover a wide range of different applications. They are made in Europe and feature a "Silbear" coating which offers 480 hours salt spray protection.

Identifying an Elite lock starts with the faceplate, which should be stamped with an Elite logo. This gearbox features a slot and a small hole below the slot appearing above the top spindle which is a piercing for bolt through handles.

If these locks look familiar, that’s because they are. Elite took over the manufacturing of these locks from Roto-Frank when they discontinued the range. They use the same tooling, with the exception of the new Silbear coating, they are made to the same specification as the original locks. You may recognise them from our catalogues as the MVD range or "Roto mark 2" locks. Gearboxes cannot be changed with the original locks but they do offer a relatively simple complete lock swap.

Many Elite locks are available in standard and compact versions designed for shorter doors. They feature the same 950mm handle height but a shorter overall length of 1810mm.

Elite gearboxes are available as a 35mm single spindle lock or with a 35mm or 45mm double spindle. Gearboxes measure 200mm high x backset + 19mm. Be sure to account for 2mm for the faceplate when measuring the backset.

Gearbox deadbolts project 20mm and are 32mm high. The latch is 30mm high and projects 10mm. The distance between the bottom of the latch and the top of the deadbolt is 63mm.

Centres are positioned at 62mm and 92mm with the top spindle being 122mm from the bottom of the case. Single spindle locks have a round hole where the second spindle would usually be located. The gearbox is pierced to accept a bolt through fixing 19mm from the top spindle, and the slot above for fixings is 42mm above the spindle.

Elite hooks can throw in either opposite directions, or upwards, depending on the model. They feature the same Silbear coating as the rest of the lock, which offers up to 480 hours salt spray testing.

Rollers are used for compression, to pull the door against the frame, to help prevent dust or water ingress. They do little for security, but they also have the added benefit of helping to prevent the door from becoming warped as it is supported across its full height. This is dependent on the rollers being engaged into their keeps.

Elite rollers are normally adjustable by +/- 1.2mm to help achieve optimum weather sealing.

Operation: Double Spindle

To lock the door
1. On closing the door, the latch is automatically engaged.
2. Lift the handle up to engage the locking points.
3. Lock the system by turning the key.

To unlock the door
1. Unlock the system by turning the key.
2. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points.
3. A further quarter turn of the key will retract the latch.

480 hours salt spray tested to EN1675 Grade 5
We stock a range of associated products for Elite Standard multipoint door locks, including keeps, spindles, handles and accessories.

Latch Reversal: Undo the screw in the latch to remove. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.
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