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Premium Trickle Slot Vent for uPVC Double Glazing Window - Reduces Condensation

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This RW Simon window ventilators ideal for both timber and PVC-u applications.

Premium Trickle Slot Vent for uPVC Double Glazing Window

Manufactured by RW Simon. These trickle vents are a great solution for reducing condensation and moisture build-up which you may have occurred in the area of your windows. These vents are designed to draw the moisture outside through the vent and create a constant airflow without compromising the security of your home. 

Made from U.V stabilised PVC-u, durable, easy to fit and fully tested
Snap-on quick-fit end caps
Positive open and close action
Integral fly screen in external hood
Can be fitted to give up-draught or down-draught
Suitable for uPVC, wood and aluminium windows
Reduces condensation
Secure ventilation
Easy to fit - (Fitting guide available upon request.)
Premium quality
Switch on the internal canopy (Allows you to open and close the vent with ease.)

What's in the bag?
Internal & External Canopies
Fixing Screws
Screw Cover Caps

Tested in accordance with:
BS EN 1026:2000
BS EN 1027:2000 weather performance

Independently acoustically tested in accordance with:
BS EN 20140-10:1992
ISO 140-10:1991