Pet Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap Door White 254 W

Pet Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap Door White 254 W

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Technical Details

Looking for a cat flap that will keep out stray pets and wildlife too? The Cat Mate electromagnetic cat flap offers a proven solution. A small ID magnet fits onto the cat's collar and this operates the cat flap to ensure freedom of movement for the wearer, while barring entry to other animals. The 4-way lock dial is a cinch to use and gives owners quick, effortless control over their cat's roaming.

 Key features:
Available in white
Self lining to 2 3/8'' (60mm) thick - ideal for most doors
Battery powered - 1 x PP3/9V battery (not included) lasts approx 12 months
Silent action will not scare animals or disturb owners
Tough transparent door encourages use for pet and reduces fear
Sealed flap is draft-, weather- and rain-proof
Easy-to-use dial 4-way lock: in only, out only, open, locked
Unique trimmable door liner achieves neat, easy installation
Comes with 2 x Cat Mate cat collar magnets
Suitable for small to average sized cats

Overall Size: W195mm x H242mm
Cut Out Size: W168mm x H219mm

Guarantees & accreditations:
3-year manufacturer's guarantee

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