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Millenco Mantis 2 95PZ Door Handle 199mm Screw Fix Polished Chrome

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£69.99 - £69.99
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Millenco Polished Chrome Upvc Door Handle 199mm Screw Fix 95mm PZ Replacement Repair Match Universal Repair Handle. Replaces Broken and Obsolete Mantis 2 95mm PZ Pair.

  • 95mm PZ dimension
  • 296mm long x 35mm wide baseplate and 12mm thick (actual size once the covers are fitted)
  • Screw fixing 199mm top to bottom 
  • Lever/Lever door handle sprung via spring cassettes
  • Suitable for euro door cylinder
  • Able to use with almost any existing screw to screw fixing
  • Comes with two handle cover sleeves to conceal all screw fixings and the baseplate (one for the inside and one for the outside). Can achieve 50mm - 88mm front to back door thickness dimension if required by cutting the bolts with an hacksaw.
  • Handles are spring-loaded by inserting cassette springs supplied
  • Should you wish to achieve a blanking plate finish, you can purchase the additional blanking cover plates mentioned in this listing
  • Universal: Non-handed so this fits both left and right handings of doors

This is our Gardinia purpose built and designed handle set kit to be able to replace obsolete no Longer available door handles that had a unique 95mm PZ and a 199mm top to bottom screw fixing (quite often called a 200mm screw fixing) distance between the spindle and the key hole centre and can also be used on composite and timber door systems. We have worked with our distribuitor network and sourced, created and designed the universal handle set that will replace almost any old Millenco Mantis 2 95mm PZ door handle that may have been fitted to a double glazed door over the decades.

Many door lock systems have been installed for in excess of 10 years and in many cases over 20 plus years, it has become impossible to source and repair the door handles to these doors that had the mantis 95mm PZ distance as they have become obsolete, leaving you with the only option of finding a door handle big enough to re-drill and rout new holes etc. into the old door. The new Gardinia door handle range however has been designed so that as long as you match the handle PZ in this case 95mm then you will not need to re-drill or carry out any routing details and will be able to re-use the existing screw fixing holes.

The door handle base plate allows the new screw fixings to be inserted in any postion so that you can use the old screw holes. This means that the repair or restoration can be carried out by almost any person with basic DIY skills using a screw driver. A hacksaw can be used to trim the screw fixing bolts and spindle to length, if required, and this will save money on an expensive call out and installation by a locksmith.

What is the PZ mentioned:

The PZ is the term used by the door lock and handle industry to determine the dimension from the centre of the square spindle (or handle lever) to the centre of the key hole. If you look at the key euro cylinder you will see the top section has an almost round cylinder at the top of it and in the centre of this is the part where the key is inserted. This is where the centre line is taken from. This handle range has a 95mm PZ.

If you take the time to view the dimension drawings you will see an illustration of these dimensions.

What you will receive:

1 X Pair of handles (1 for inside door and 1 for outside of door = 1 pair)

1 x Pair matching colour baseplate covers (1 for inside and 1 for outside = 1 pair)

2 x M5 fixing bolts 85mm long with purpose made female high security bolt ends for external fixing

1 x 8mm spindle 

1 x Pair of spring cassettes