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Maco Multi Tool Window Handle Tool and Parts for Upvc Tilt Turn Windows

by Maco

Original price £22.16 - Original price £22.16
Original price
£22.16 - £22.16
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Tool Type: With Allen Key
Technical Details

This maco window multi tool is for operating both window mechanisms and patio locks quickly while setting them up for installation and/or operating them whilst carrying out repairs. The Maco Multi Tool removes the need to insert the handle and keep taking it off and on to do so. The tool comes with both a 4mm allen key and a T15 Torx head key. It also has a removable spanner and oval cam adjuster that is unique to the older Maco tilt turn windows and doors hardware locks. At the opposite end is a useful metal insert that allows for the user to remove old tilt turn pins without damaging the window or surround the loose spanner part key has a built in hook to allow you to lever out any old tilt turn pins from the window mechanism.

The Maco Multi Tool is a very strong, robust, user friendly and is widely used by Upvc fabricators and installers as it saves time hunting round for all the different tools required to repair, install and set up windows and doors.

If you have either window or patio repairs to do, it is easier and quicker to use this than to keep fitting the window handle, which it stops from getting damaged. Once set up you re-fit the handle.

Built in handle spindle fits all types of window and patio mechanisms
4mm Allen key to adjust the top and bottom hinges on Maco tilt turns and many other makes
T15 Torx head star key spanner adjuster found on many upvc mechanisms
9mm Spanner to fit many common nut heads
Oval maco cam head spanner adjusts the tension on the roller cam head
Hook end catch to lever out stuck or rusted top hinge pins
Top hinge pin hook to move the pin out from it's fixed position for removal