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Xpert Industrial Grade HV High Viscosity Super Glue Superglue Adhesive 20g

by Xpert

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Technical Details :
KORE INDUSTRIAL SUPERGLUE HV is a high viscosity setting industrial adhesive based on advanced cyanoacrylate technology.
Fast setting formulation, bonds to most porous and non porous surfaces in seconds.
Fills gaps up to 0.25mm
Single component adhesive
100% solvent free
Economical in use 
Ensure surfaces are degreased prior to bonding.
Ensure surfaces are close fitting.
This adhesive will not bridge gaps.
Do not use in applications involving constant water immersion.
Do not use on bitumen or tar leaching products.
As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, contact KORE technical services for advice if in any doubt.  
The surfaces to be glued should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Materials should be stored in a warm environment prior to bonding to avoid chilling of the glue line, which leads to extended setting times. Where possible, ensure working environment has a relative humidity of 50% +. 
Apply adhesive to one surface only. Press surfaces together and hold for 10 seconds or as indicated below. Cure speed is rapid so exercise care when aligning.  
Specific Data
Form Clear liquid.
Viscosity 120-180 poise
Base Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Solids 100% Active
Specific Gravity 1.1 g/cm3
Shear Strength  >20Nmm2 (steel-steel ASTM D1002)
Refractive index 1.45 (cured adhesive)
Softening Point  160OC
Working temps. -60 to +80oC
Setting times  15 - 40 seconds (plastic to plastic) 
Health & Safety
Contact us Mease Valley for MSDS for full list of hazards. 
Store in cool, dry conditions between +5 and +25˚C.  Ensure good ventilation.  Storage outside these parameters will dramatically reduce shelf life.    
Shelf Life
12  months from date of manufacture when stored as directed. 
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