Door Knocker Victorian Brushed Chrome Urn Style 6" Inch Face Fit Hidden Fix UPVC Wooden Doors

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This very high quality urn style door knocker comes with a unique quick fit plate included, simply screw the plate (using fasteners appropriate to the door material), onto the door and snap lock the knocker onto the plate. Not only is this great for the end user but this also benefits from not having unsightly capping nuts on the internal face of the door, which carry the risk of rust staining if the threaded fixing is made of steel, as is often the case. 

Available in Brushed Chrome


  • Unique snap lock concealed fixing (no need to drill a hole through your door) 
  • All Metal Construction 
  • Durable Finish 
  • Supplied without screws (please use fasteners appropriate to the door material) 
  • Knocker material - Zinc Aluminium 

What's in the pack?

1 x 6" Victorian Urn Knocker

1 x Concealed Fixing Plate


  • Length: 170mm 
  • Width: 80mm 
  • Depth: 15mm