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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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5g ABS Graphite Powder – For Euro Cylinders Lubrication

by Avocet
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ABS Graphite Powder Front Door Cylinder Lock Lubricant High Quality 5ml Bottle

Avocet's ABS-Approved Graphite Powder Cylinder Lubricant in 5ml Bottle: The Superior Choice

Our ABS-endorsed graphite powder is the ideal solution for lubricating high-security cylinder locks. Regular maintenance of your door cylinder lock is crucial to ensure its optimal performance, and our ABS graphite powder offers a simple and effective way to achieve this, significantly prolonging the life of your cylinder.

Why Choose ABS Graphite Powder Over Oil?

Unlike oil-based lubricants, graphite powder does not attract dirt or grime, preventing the buildup of unwanted particles within your cylinder lock. Moreover, graphite powder won't gum up, freeze or evaporate, ensuring consistent and reliable lubrication that keeps your cylinder lock functioning smoothly.

Key Features:

User-friendly applicator
Effortless application
Endorsed by Avocet ABS
Superior lubrication without attracting dirt
What's Included?

One 5ml Bottle of Avocet ABS Graphite Powder
Usage Guidelines:

Gently press the bottle to lightly coat the key with a minimal amount of powder.
Insert the key into the lock and move back and forth 10 to 15 times to adequately lubricate the cylinder.
This routine should be performed at least annually or more frequently if required.

Please read the caution advice and use carefully: Keep container closed and out of the reach of children and pets.