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How To Measure A Door Handle – What’s a Door Handle PZ

As the title to states this is the complete guide on how to measure a door handle for United Kingdom specification handles.
Main Measurements-
Firstly, the only two measurements you 100% need are:
Screw centres
As shown in the diagram above the PZ measurement is from the centre of the door handle to the centre of the euro cylinder hole (This measurement unit is in millimeters eg. 92pz = 92mm). The Screw Centres is very self-explanatory it just the distance between the centres of the screw holes.
Additional Measurements-
There are two more measurement which are only important if you're not doing a like for like door handle replacement and you want to make sure the handles covers up blemishes on the door or hide existing screw holes.
These measurements are the Backplate Length, which is the overall length of the handle and the Backplate Width, which is the overall width of the handle. These two measurements are shown in the image above.
The reason why these measurements are not that important is because if the PZ and Screw Centres are the same as your current handle it will fit 100% even if the backplate length or width is different.
Finding The Right Handle Once You’ve Got Your PZ and Screw Centres
So now you’ve got your PZ and Screw Centres you might be wondering how do I find the right handle, luckily for you our Door Handle Collection is organised so you can select your exact PZ and Screw Centres in the filter section as shown below.
If you are on mobile then you can find the refined search as shown below 
I Can't Find My Screw Centres
If you can't find your screw centres in the refine search it will be because your handles are very old and obsolete, examples of obsolete screw centres 170mm, 155mm etc. in the event you have an obsolete handle you can contact us on the live chat which is at the bottom right of this website which says "Lets Chat". If it is out of hours and no one is on the live chat the only handle which will 100% work will be the universal handles which is made to fit any door. The link to the universal handles is here.
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