Yale Mila Match Lever Pad Offset Door Handle 92 and 70mm PZ 215mm Screw Fix

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What is it?
This is a lever pad set of door handles made to suit the Yale Fix Asgard door lock range. However it can be also used to suit the Mila 047200 twin spindle gearbox if you follow the procedure below.

N:B You may find that the top fixing hole needs to be drilled through the top of the gearbox casing as dependent on the twin spindle gearbox it may be 5-7mm higher. In most cases this should not be an issue as it goes though the fixed metal block just above the top oblong cut out in the gearbox but does require a logical approach by a competent person, as suggested in the following tip. 

TIP: In this scenario we suggest that you first of all drill a smaller pilot hole through with a 4mm H.S.S. drill bit (High speed steel) then once done use a larger drill bit. Ensure the swarf from such drilling does not get stuck inside the gearbox as it may jam the cogs etc. To ensure this it is best to take the time to remove the full lock strip so you can drill the top of the gearbox on a flat secure surface and if necessary you can shake out any debris after drilling & also re-grease the mechanism with a petroleum grease or silicone (Never WD40)

Universal: This product will fit the left or right handing of doors.

All prices shown are for a pair of door handles & includes spindles and screws.

N:B These handles are no longer made and we have very limited stock left. When they are gone they will be discontinued

Technical Details:
Spindle to Key: 92mm & 70mm
Screw Centres: 215mm
Backplate Length: 240mm
Backplate Width Internal: 32mm
Backplate Width External: 34mm
Backplate Depth: 12.5mm internal External plate = 15mm And is made from a solid metal construction for increased security 
Spindle Width: 8mm square
Spindle Lengths: 2 at 100mm
Screw Lengths: 2 at 85mm
Colours: Polished Chrome & Polished Gold finish.