90/135 deg Corner Joints Finial uPVC + Fascia Board Trims Straight Connector

  • £7.24

Decorative Finial

Decorative finial for covering fascia / bargeboard apex joint on roof gable.

90° External Corner

Covers outward facing right-angle corners of fascia and capping board.

90° Internal Corner

Covers the inward right-angle joint where fascia returns along wall.

135° External Corner

Protective cover for outward pointing corner joint of 3-segment bay.

Straight Joint Trim

Trim for covering straight connection between fascia and capping boards.

Fixing Pins (30/40mm)

Pack of 250. Stainless steel 2mm ring-shanked pins with plastic head.

Fixing Nails (50/65mm)

Pack of 100. Stainless steel 3.35mm ring-shanked nails with plastic head.

Superglue (20g)

High viscocity superglue for long term fixing of PVC-u trims to boards.

Glass Cleaner

Clean glass, chrome, tile and stainless steel  to a smear free finish. 

Cream Cleaner

Remove ingrained dirt and buffs to a deep shine without scratching.

Solvent Cleaner

High performance solvent removes stuborn sealant, grease and dirt.

Superglue Activator

Speeds up superglue cure and bond time. Creates an instant bond.