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2 x Soudafoam Comfort B3 600ml Expanding Foam Genius Gun Reuseable Gap Fill

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Technichal Details :


x2 Tins Included In Per Sale

Perfect use with one hand Perfect control of extrudability of the foam Possible to re-use up to 6 weeks after first use


- Excellent form stability – no shrink, no post expansion

- Excellent filling characteristics

- Excellent adhesion to all building materials (except PE, PP and PTFE)

- High insulation values, both thermal and acoustical

- Excellent installation performance


- Installation of door- and windowframes

- Filling of cavities

- Sealing and filling of openings and cavities in roof constructions

- Creation of an acoustic screen

- Creation of a sound deadening layer

- Improvement of insulation in cold store facilities

- All other usual PU Foam applications

Directions for use

- Shake the canister thoroughly for ca 30 seconds. Open the lid on the top and wear the enclosed gloves. Straighten the applicator tube.

- Apply a fine water spray to the surface which needs to be clean and free of grease and dust..

- Turn around the canister and extrude the foam carefully by applying pressure on the trigger.

- Fill cavities on for 30 to 40 % as the foam will continue to expand during the curing process.

- Shake canister regularly during the application. If Foam is applied in several layers, moisten between each layer of foam. 

- At the end of the application, close the applicator tube with the sealing plug and click into the holder. Close the lid. The canister can

be reactivated for up to 6 weeks if resealed correctly.

- Uncured foam can be removed with Foam Cleaner or acetone. Cured foam can only be removed mechanically.