What Is a Backset? uPVC Door Lock Measuring Guide

If your uPVC door lock has broken it can be a daunting task to try and figure out which gearbox you need as even if you find the correct manufacturer and a similar looking gearbox there are many other variables like the back set and spindle operation. This is a complete guide on how to figure out what gearbox you need.Firstly, What Is A Backset?The backset of a door lock gearbox if the distance from the front of the gearbox to the centre of the spindle hole as shown in the image below. The most popular backsets are 30mm, 35mm,...

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How To Measure A Door Handle – What’s a Door Handle PZ

This is the complete guide on how to measure and replace your door handle. It will explain things like what is a PZ? What measurements are important on a door handle and how to find the correct door handle.

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